TON Pool

Your next TON pool. Choose us and get fast payout and low risk (see Our advantages).


  1. Obtain an address from any TON Wallet. The address should be similar to EQBoG6BHwfFPTEUsxXW8y0TyHN9_5Z1_VIb2uctCd-NDmCbx, but you should have your own one different from ours.
  2. Signup with our Telegram Bot @next_ton_pool_bot.
  3. Download and start miner. See the below section for details.
  4. Check your balance by typing /balance in our bot. Once you have a single share, you should see balance in your account instantly.


Our official miner is now available! Download them at Currently we support Windows, Linux, HiveOS and RaveOS.

To start the miner, run these commands in your shell:

# Windows
miner-windows.exe <your_wallet>

# Linux
./miner-linux <your_wallet>

Replace <your_wallet> with your wallet address, without angle brackets.

If you have connectivity issues, please try


Pool wallet: EQA4FvvNgz9GThubbM4F4CQBZR26uP6UH13CoEODBAOXJAs0

Withdraw wallets:

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Top Miners

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Our advantages


You can use our Telegram Bot @next_ton_pool_bot to check your balance or withdraw it.


Telegram Channel: @next_ton_pool

Telegram Group: @next_ton_pool_chat